Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Week!

I just finished the newsletter & haven't had a chance to post my Bo Bunny chipboard album project yet! I'll be sure to start it tomorrow. I think I'll break it into a few posts, so I'll have time write some instructions to go along with each photo. The albums are really easy to make and I think that with some photos & an online class, you'll want to make a few for your friends & family...don't forget one for you too! We've got a some in stock in the store....PARTY (the one I made), BEACH (Twila made one, check it out in the store), GRADE, TEAM (great for a coach's gift), BABY (I should get to making one of these for Jake) and BELIEVE (I'm not sure if we have this one in stock right now, but they should be coming soon if not. I did start one of these last Christmas & I promise to finish it with Jake's 1st Christmas this year.) The most important thing to have when you're ready to start one of these great albums is Spray Adhesive. It makes the project a quick one....not waiting for glue to dry or getting sticky using a ton of glue stick. So be sure to pick up a can with your other supplies. I'll have more info. on the supplies when I put in the class instructions. Thanks for checking out our blog! Come back tomorrow to see my latest project!

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