Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bo Bunny Chipboard Album Class #3 - Trimming the Paper

When you are finished with the front of each letter, the first letter should be ready for trimming. Take the letter & paper and lay them letter side up on a craft cutting mat. Use your craft knife to trim the excess paper from around the letter. Place the knife against the letter, press hard enough to cut through the paper and slowly drag your knife along the edge of the letter, as closely as you can to the letter. Don't worry if you accidentally cut off a little of the chipboard or if the paper tears slightly. We'll cover all the edges with paint later and no one will be able to tell.

Be sure to use your knife to cut out the paper covering the 3 holes in the end of each letter at this point.

Next, repeat the instructions in Class #2 for the back of each letter. Don't forget to remove the paper from the back sides of the 3 holes.

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