Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick Holiday Thank You Cards

I know I mentioned this idea in my last newsletter, so I thought I'd show you how the Holiday Thank You cards turned out. When I first saw Luxe's new Color Me Festive Paper, I just knew my daughter, Delaney, would love it. I thought it would be perfect for her to use to make Thank You cards. Our cards were pretty simple, but you could use this same idea with a few more sophisticated supplies to create your own beautiful holiday cards.

Delaney loves to color, so this paper is perfect for her! She chose to use her colored pencils to color a few of the cute sketched designs. Then I cut them out for her and she used the Tombo adhesive to put them on the front of her cards.

For the cards, I pulled some, Hot Off the Press cards out of my stash and let Delaney choose which design to use for each recipient. I added a little ribbon to each card and Delaney used the inside to write her Christmas Thank You's. Delaney loved being able to make her own cards, so this project was perfect. It would be a great one to do with your kids too!

Just a little note from Whimzee's: Be sure to read your newsletter next week for all the Warehouse Sale and Weekend Crop details! We're planning a lot of fun events for 2009 and we'll be asking for everyone's opinions on all sorts of things. So feel free to comment here on the blog if there is something you're interested in learning about or chatting with us about! Hope you all had a very Happy New Year! We're excited for 2009, see you at the store!


Bendz said...


Nice artwork.

Simply superb.

Wish you this new year gives you health and wealth.


Anonymous said...

I loved the Thank You card! I recognized the tree from my thank you card that Delaney sent us! It is so much fun to receive a card that she made. Not thatI'm prejudice or anything!!
Delaney's Grandma


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